Company Description

At Idaho ATA Martial Arts we offer the latest in modern self defense, fitness, and fighting training. We offer classes from ages 4-104, you’re never too young or too old to begin your training. We cover all aspects of martial arts training to our members so that they can more effectively keep themselves safe in any situation. Whether you’re the weekend warrior or seasoned veteran we have training for you.

The main styles of martial arts we offer are Traditional Taekwondo and Krav Maga (the Israeli’s official self defense system). Since people of every age learn at different levels we separate our classes by age so that we can more efficiently attend each students needs.

We also offer many other supplement classes and seminars to help further training to our members. Special courses include conditioning classes, fight classes, ground fighting courses, special weapons training and much more.

Through our highly trained staff you or your child will receive the highest quality training and instruction in martial arts. Come in and try a couple classes and see for yourself.

Contact us at (208) 523-1161 or stop by and visit us at 380 S Woodruff. (right by Smith’s)

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