We love taking care of our Idaho Falls martial arts enthusiasts. Here are some testimonials of people who love our martial arts and fitness services.

To anyone considering enrolling his/her child in a martial arts course, I would highly recommend Idaho Falls ATA.  The program there is of the highest caliber, and the staff are all excellent. ~ Mary

Over the last year I have had several opportunities to observe classes at the Idaho Falls ATA School.  I am impressed beyond words at the wonderful environment this staff and the martial arts activity provide for youth of all ages.   Thank you, each of you! You are touching the future one child at a time! What a powerful contribution to our world! ~ Cathy

Taekwondo has been wonderful for my little boy.  It has helped with discipline and respect.  The level of respect that is instilled into the kids is wonderful.  I would recommend this to anyone struggling with respect from their children or just as a great activity for their kids.  My little boy loves it and looks forward to going every week.  He also enjoys the tournaments.  Thank you to the wonderful staff at Idaho ATA Martial Arts in Idaho Falls. ~ The Christensen Family

If anyone would ask me if I thought that Taekwondo would be good for them, I would answer, “definitely”, no matter who it was asking.  I believe it, because I know it to be true. ~ Anonymous

We would like to say thank you very much for all you have done for our family.  This truly has been life altering for our entire family.  It is greatly appreciated and we will never forget it. ~ The Couch Family

Martial arts has given me the strength to achieve anything I want to do in life.  It has taught me to finish what I have started and pursue more in other levels of martial arts.  If it wasn’t for martial arts I don’t know what kind of person I would be today or how I would feel about myself.  I have made very good friends with everybody in Idaho ATA Martial Arts and in our school there is a great deal of respect and camaraderie between all the students and instructors.  ~ Romi